“Women in GI”, a EUROGI seminar hosted by IRLOGI

25 February 2021 starting at 14:00 CET
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At the start of the webinar Monica Sebillo will briefly present background information regarding the EUROGI ‘Women in GI’ Focus Group, and then she and the other three presenters will give their views on the Women in GI topic.

Marion Murphy will discuss the visibility of women in senior decision-making roles, why it is important to build equality and representation at a senior level and how we can make it happen. Ulla Kronborg Mazzoli will reflect on why the STEM area is still experiencing a significant gender imbalance and how to break the pattern. Nathalie Stephenne will present the project Women in Copernicus (WIC), which set up a survey to understand barriers and facilitators in women’s education and careers. WIC promotes the visibility of Women in Earth Observation and GI.
The presentations will be followed by a Q&A session.