Towards a Sustainable Geospatial Ecosystem Beyond SDIs

Since the SDI conceptualisation was developed in the late 1980s and early 1990s there have been many technological and other changes which have quite radically changed the environment for geospatial information and analytics. There is thus a need to re-think and re-align the way in which geospatial information is shared, analysed and used in the rapidly evolving environment of today and into the future.

Since November 2020 EUROGI has facilitated a group of geospatial experts from around the world getting together to discuss the ‘beyond SDI’ issue.  The group has produced a paper which proposes the idea of a geospatial ecosystem as a basis for establishing a new updated framework.  The paper can be accessed through this link.

We would welcome comments on the paper so please do not hesitate to provide your inputs in the comments section below.


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