Reflections on the EUROGI Executive Committee Meeting June 2023

The recent EUROGI Executive Committee meeting held in June 2023 was an insightful and productive gathering, highlighting the ongoing initiatives and strategic decisions aimed at promoting Geographic Information (GI) across Europe. A key part of the discussion revolved around the various projects underway, their current status, and the future roadmap, as briefed by the treasurer.

The meeting also saw an extensive review of the 2023 Work Plan by the Vice President, reaffirming EUROGI’s commitment to align its projects with the organization’s strategic objectives. A special focus was on the policy matters affecting the GI sector and the education and capacity building initiatives, underscoring the importance of nurturing skills within the community.

EUROGI’s relationships with pan-European organizations and the European Union were also discussed, providing a glimpse into the organization’s broader engagements and partnerships in the field of Geographic Information. The communications strategy, updated by the communication officer, stressed on improving outreach and engagement with the members and the public, ensuring that EUROGI’s mission and activities are effectively communicated.

The committee is set to reconvene after summer, with a continued commitment to driving EUROGI’s initiatives and promoting Geographic Information across Europe. The focus remains on fostering synergies, aligning strategies, and promoting growth in the field of Geographic Information, reinforcing EUROGI’s integral role in shaping the future of the sector.

Stay tuned for the next updates and remember, together, we shape the future of Geographic Information in Europe!

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