News from EUROGI Members – DDGI: Call for Papers – Copernicus Meets Galileo

The conference “Copernicus meets Galileo – Earth Observation – Navigation – GeoIT” will take place in Bochum on 8 and 9 May  2019.

ZENIT GmbH, the Enterprise Europe Network, the Georg Agricola University of Applied Sciences and the CopServ Network are the organizers of the international event, which builds on the April 2018 conference “Earth Observation & Copernicus Technologies and Solutions for User Applications”. The German Aerospace Center and the DDGI are partners / members of the CopServ network and supporters of the event.

Contributions to the following topics can be submitted by 15 January 2019:

– Data access points and cloud computing – Hubs, DIAS, CODE-DE, Sentinel Hub, Amazon AWS, …

– Autonomous vehicles, aviation, transport (land, water, air, rail) – mobile robotics – miniaturization – swarm intelligence –

– Monitoring – Ground movement and ground changes

– Sector-specific service architectures – Competence centers

– Application sectors: energy industry / renewable energy, mining / post-mining, agriculture / forestry, smart cities / urban monitoring, maritime and inland navigation, water management, environmental and nature conservation, climate protection, transport and mobility

– Challenges from the point of view of (potential) users – what are the barriers, drivers and requirements, where are applications already successfully in use, where is the journey going, future developments?

Further information can be found in the Call for Papers or at