News from EUROGI Members – AMFM-GIS Belux: Invitation to Seminar “GEOBUSINESS : WHO PAYS / WILL PAY FOR WHAT?”

Whether public or private, geographical data are nowadays increasingly freely available and at no cost to the user. On July 12th 2017, the Walloon Government adopted a decree on the reuse of public sector information aimed at establishing an open data policy.
Take for instance the COPERNICUS Sentinel satellite data that are freely accessible to all and for all uses. Another example: OpenStreetMap, a collaborative project initiated in 2004, offers a global geographical database free of charge which is very comprehensive and of high quality.
However, the value of geodata has never been more important, whether it is to increase public administrations’ efficiency, to generate economic growth in the private sector or to speed up the creation of jobs and also, more generally, to contribute to social welfare in the broad sense.
The value chain is changing and new business models are emerging.Data are free and available by download and web services or through online applications or services, sometimes chargeable.
GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon) goes even further.In addition to their offer of costless geographic information, they also provide services and applications such as Google maps, Google Earth,Bing Maps, StreetView, … and many applications using geolocation.
The value and return on investment consist in exploiting the digital identity of the users connecting to these applications to benefit from free geographical information and services. “GeoBusiness is evolving significantly and creating new opportunities. It is important to follow the trend, considering the new geodata economy in particular.”
Therefore AM/FM-GIS BELUX organizes a seminar on Tuesday November 21st with theme:
At this seminar, we will draw an analogy between these developments and changes in the software world since the arrival of Open Source. We will learn how traditional geographical data producers such as national mapping agencies are taking into account new profitable business models and what opportunities are beingoffered by COPERNICUS for
geo-information professionals. Experts will explain these new business models and we hope to bring about a strategic reflection on available solutions for an efficient and indispensable transition of our activities.
Looking forward to meeting you on November 21st!