Join Hexagon Geospatial and Port Technology International for a live Maritime webinar on 25 March

To protect people, infrastructure, and cargo at ports and sea, port authorities and vessel owners need access to real-time data. Having a clear view and understanding of a port’s surroundings and activities is critical to ensuring safer and more efficient ship movements.

With better situational awareness and location intelligence of maritime interests, port authorities and companies can increase safety and efficiency and optimize their operations. In this webinar, maritime experts will discuss:

  • Data analysis and visualization to assist with understanding current and future situations
  • Accessing automatic tracking system (AIS) and complementary data to understand individual and fleet movements
    • The importance of situational awareness in just-in-time arrival concepts
  • The need for common definitions and standardisation of message formats for port call processes’ data exchange

This presentation will also discuss the latest in technology trends for maritime operations, including artificial intelligence, vessel tracking, and more.

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We are looking forward to meeting you online on Thursday 25th March at 3.00 PM (CET).