Expandeo & FIRE Forum and Awards 2022

Expandeo & FIRE Forum and Awards 2022

EARSC, has the pleasure to invite you to EXPANDEO & FIRE Forum 2022, the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies Annual Conference where the European Earth Observation companies get the chance to learn about different market opportunities, in different sectors, while growing their business through networking and other interactive sessions. 

The FIRE Forum 2022 will bring together key representatives from six user communities key sectors – agriculture, energy, infrastructure, marine, raw materials and urban development, EO service providers and institutional actors to discuss the “Now and Tomorrow” of Earth Observation in Europe.  

In this framework, the e-shape workshop “Community of user’s engagement supporting the green transition: the e-shape project” is taking place on 15th June 15h15-17h00 CET. 

Community of users, SolarEurope, WindEurope, among others will discuss and connect with the e-shape pilots to discuss the EO benefits for end users, their expansion and sustainability. 

The e-shape workshop will address the following questions:

·  What are the challenges for a convincing user / market uptake strategy

·  How to develop relations among EO and non- EO communities that will drive the sustainability of the EO service

·  How the public, research and private sector can strengthen EUROGEO and Copernicus and contribute to GEO/Geoss.

This event gives a great opportunity for the e-shape community to meet, discuss, interact, and network (even in person)!

Please see the website of the event with the agenda for 2 days full of inspiring discussions with prominent speakers.  All the sessions will be held in Brussels in the International Auditorium of the Trade Union House and streamed online. 

Register here to join us on the 14th and 15th of June.