EUROGI Women in Geospatial Group

At EUROGI, we are committed to fostering empowerment within the Geospatial industry.  Our Women in Geospatial Focus Group would like to introduce their Manifesto to our members. The primary objective is to provide all members regardless of gender, with the necessary support to achieve their personal and professional goals.  Recognising the importance of diversity and inclusivity, we have outlined our manifesto to promote gender balance and create a supportive environment within the community. Our commitment begins with acknowledging, supporting, and promoting gender equality at all levels within EUROGI by actively promoting our Manifesto among all members.  

EUROGI Women in Geospatial Manifesto

We are hereby committed to the empowerment of all participants in the Geospatial Industry to enable them to accomplish their personal and professional ambitions and goals irrespective of their gender.

In order to promote this commitment, we will:

(1) Acknowledge, support, and promote diversity at all levels within EUROGI.

In order to advance this matter, we will:

• Promote this Manifesto amongst all members of EUROGI.

• Seek to ensure gender balance in all EUROGI Portfolio Groups and working groups.

(2) Actively champion the value and benefits of gender balance

In order to advance this matter, we will:

• Promote the benefits of having a balanced team and show how this can assist in filling industry skills gaps.

• Undertake an outreach programme at schools, universities, and other institutions to highlight the benefits of careers in geospatial.

(3) Create a platform for visibility, discussion, and partnerships.

In order to advance this matter, we will:

• Produced documents such as papers and discussion notes, hold webinars and give presentations at conferences and other events.

• Seek to collaborate and form partnerships with other organisations in the broadly defined geospatial domain. 

(4) Voice the achievements of women in geospatial

In order to advance this matter, we will:

• Seek to obtain testimonials, personal stories, and records of personal experiences of women at all levels in different situations, with a particular emphasis on women at senior levels.

• Strive to highlight women who can be regarded as role models in the geospatial sector.

(5) Promote and support the establishment of Women in Geospatial initiatives at national level.

In order to advance this matter, we will:

• Translate this Manifesto into a variety of European languages as necessary.

• Promote the sharing of experiences between different national initiatives.

This Manifesto was approved by the EUROGI General Board at its meeting on 4 May 2023

Let’s make a difference together, here’s how to get involved!

We call on members to promotour manifesto within their national associations.  

Recognising the importance of voicing the achievements of women in the geospatial sector, we are actively seeking testimonials, personal stories, and records of experiences from women within our membership.

Let’s talk!  Contact to discuss membership of the Women in Geospatial Group and/or the establishment of national initiatives.

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