EUROGI Strategic Framework 2020-2024

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The EUROGI Executive Committee (January 2019) and subsequently EUROGI’s General Board (April 2019) agreed to initiate a major re-orientation and reframing of EUROGI in order to substantially increase its value for its members and for the overall European geospatial community. It was agreed that this process would be based on goals accepted by the members and would follow a well-structured process developed by a dedicated task team established by the Executive Committee.

The strategy development has been based on a thorough collection and analysis of stakeholder views on EUROGI and their expectations regarding what EUROGI should deliver to them. In broad terms the stakeholders included:

  • EUROGI member organisations;
  • European Commission representatives;
  • Pan-European organisations in the broader geospatial community.

In addition, an analysis of general market, technological and societal trends which might influence the geospatial environment (public sector, industry, academia) in the future was undertaken.

Based on the identified stakeholder perceptions and expectations, a common perspective for the strategy development has been developed and will be presented to the EUROGI General Board for consideration and possible approval at its meeting on 24 June 2020. The final approved Strategic Framework will form the basis for developing a 2020 Work Plan and, more generally, to iteratively shaping goals and strategies in close cooperation with the EUROGI members and the wider geospatial stakeholder community.