Digital Earth Services by Geograma

Geograma has recently launched its new Digital Earth Services.

The Digital Earth initiative aims to create a digital replica of the world which can facilitate the establishment of a shared understanding of the multiple relationships between the physical and natural environments, and society.

Geograma’s Digital Earth Services helps to create apps accessible globally from multiple platforms, to adapt the data visualization to meet the needs of multiple audiences (the public, decision-makers, scientists), and to integrate data from several sources, such as from sensors and from public and private sources.

From the data collection to the data management activities, data integration is the common path to convert geodata into geoinformation. But nowadays, geoinformation is not enough, it is necessary to go forward and convert geoinformation into knowledge through the use of Location Intelligence and Digital Earth. This challenge is becoming even more important in these COVID-19 times. Digital Earth Services makes a significant contribution in this regard.

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