– a catalogue of inspiration

The GI domain is packed with examples on how spatial data can add and create value. We are, however, not always that good at communicating this – we tend to talk a lot about the “what” and the “how” and not so much about the “why”.

Experience shows that outside our GI domain people are not that interested in projections, the noble art of geo coding or other technical sophistry – but they love and can relate to a good story.

This is why Geoforum Denmark and the Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency launched a communication and marketing platform in 2012 named (directly translated  ”brug stedet” means ”use the location”). is free and open for all to use. You can use the formula on the portal to upload your case story and you can search and browse through more than 60 examples in ten categories of geodata solutions, apps, and case stories. Ten categories ranging from IT and telecommunication to Transport and Infrastructure makes it easy to find your way round.

The case stories come from all parts of the GI domain – private and public sector, education, research, and NGO´s. contains several examples of solutions developed in cross sector partnerships. is also the base for a professional jury´s nomination of cases to the prestigious Geodata Prize awarded by Geoforum Denmark at the annual GI conference.

This year, 2020, will be the fifth year in a row that “the best example of geodata use” will find its winners in two categories: the Jury Prize and the Audience Prize.

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