Afigéo (FR) News: GeoDataDays @ Poitiers

“The French Association for Geographic Information (Afigéo) is the professional community that federates 200 members from public, private and academic actors of Geodata in France. A key player in geographic information at the national level, Afigéo supports the development of the Geodata industry. It plays a central role in the relations between territorial platforms, the needs or uses of territories and the institutional level.

With the relaunch of the National Council for Geolocalised Information (CNIG) and the partnership with Ecolab, the digital innovation laboratory of the Ministry of Ecological Transition, Afigéo contributes to the national policy of French geographic information. It promotes the necessary coherence between the productions and uses of Geodata, the technical interoperability between platforms and between Geo and Open Data ( or

In 2022, Afigeo will invests in time for coordinate some action lead by the new National Council of Geographic Information (CNIG) with Afigéo ‘s action. Afigéo is also an important partner of Ecolab, a direction of the French Ministry of Ecological Transition. It’s important to promote the need of territories concerning data production at national level and interoperability between regional and national SDI (geoplatform, urbanism geoportal, geofoncier), also with the French open data portal and

It leads various working groups. The one dealing with the uses of address data (for security and emergency, by fire departments, local authorities, for urban planning, for energy distribution, network managers, for marketing and post distribution, etc.) published a report in January 2022 aimed at improving the National Address Base (BAN) project, managed by the National Institute of Cartography (IGN).

Other working groups deal with the challenges of skills and geomatics professions in the field of Defense and Security, and by getting involved in the Geomag project (Erasmus), Afigéo aims to develop the professional approach in the field of agriculture and the environment.

Finally, in 2022 Afigeo will organize at Poitiers (Futuroscope) the 5th edition of GeoDataDays on the 14 & 15 September. With 700 participants, a large exhibition of exhibitors, this annual congress federates over 2 days all the expertise through large debates, practical workshops to deal with the news of geodata and spatial observation and develop prospective approaches.

In spite of this ambitious program, Afigeo, which is a historical member of EUROGI, has the will to be more involved in the actions carried out by EUROGI.

That is how, the Organisation recently sent its Delegate Representative in person, Jean-Yves GARINET (Magellium), to the last EUROGI General Board Meeting 2022, held within an International GIS Forum in Amsterdam.