Benefits of being a EUROGI member


EUROGI provides an excellent opportunity for members to make new contacts with people in the European GI community.  Expanding one’s network can open up unexpected opportunities for business collaboration and for exploring new markets.

Policy making

EUROGI has a strong policy focus, with a particular emphasis on influencing policy and direction in the European Union.  For example, currently it is developing policy position papers on ‘Beyond Spatial Data Infrastructures’ (what is the next new paradigm in the GI field), ‘Women in GI’, and ‘Harmonised Available Authoritative Geospatial Data across Europe’.  Members have an opportunity to suggest new areas within which policies should be developed and also to participate in current policy formulation processes.


EUROGI participates in projects funded mainly by the European Union as part of the Horizon programmes.   In virtually all cases EUROGI members are given an opportunity to participate and to undertake focused communication and outreach activities in their own countries.  The members receive reimbursement for their activities.

Link to other organisations

EUROGI networks with other European based organisations, mostly in the broadly defined GI field.  Through EUROGI members can identify relevant contacts in specific organisations and explore new relationships with these individuals.

Showcase own good/best practices

EUROGI holds mainly virtual webinars and other similar type events and there is an opportunity to become a presenter or panelist in one or more of these events.  In 2021 it will have a full afternoon session at the GeoSpatial World Forum conference in Amsterdam in May.  What a great opportunity to share new insights or best practices from within one’s own organisation or country.

Members support

A basic question which EUROGI regularly asks its members is …. what can we do for you?  This provides an excellent opportunity to express members own business or information needs.  EUROGI will of course use its extensive network of members and members’ members to identify someone which can be of assistance.

Support GI community in Europe

For many of us our livelihoods are dependent on our participation in the GI sector.  A flourishing European GI sector is of benefit to us all, and so by joining EUROGI and participating actively you can make your contribution, however small it might seem to you, to growing a vibrant GI sector in Europe.

Membership is not expensive

The annual membership fee for new members is currently €500 for the first three years of membership.  Thereafter it may increase depending on what category of membership the new member falls into.  The initial three year period provides new members with a great opportunity to experience the benefits associated with membership.  From past experience virtually all new members come to the end of the three year period and are very willing to pay their full category membership fee.

Joining EUROGI, a good return on investment

What members get out depends largely on what they put in