Blog – President’s News 10/2020


This is the first of what will be regular short news items from myself, the EUROGI President.  There is a lot going on in EUROGI and so in my news items I will only ‘scratch the surface’ of our activities.

Here are just a few issues of relevance for the month of October.

On the 23rd of this month a meeting was held of the Beyond Spatial Data Infrastructures Policy Focus Group.  The aim of the Group is to produce a relatively succinct document which provides some guidance regarding a new paradigm to complement or go beyond the SDI paradigm, which was mainly developed in the 1990’s.  The geospatial environment has changed quite radically since that time, hence the need for a new paradigm.  The views of global geospatial thought leaders on this Beyond SDI subject can be found on our web site.

Still on the subject of Policy Focus Groups, our Women in GI group also held its initial virtual meeting later this month.  This Group is lead by Associate Professor Monica Sebillo from the University of Salerno in Italy.  Monica is the AM/FM Italia President and representative on our Executive Committee.

Also this month, we had the BEGEO virtual conference where three of the members of our Women in GI Group made presentations during a session moderated by EUROGI.  Further information regarding the conference can be found at

Enough for now.  I hope that you have found these very brief news items of interest. If you would like to find out more about them, or any of EUROGI’s other activities please don’t hesitate to contact our Secretariat at

All the best, and keep safe.

Hans Breemersch, EUROGI President