Policy Process

EUROGI influences the debate with respect to geographic information. The Debate can be defined as any discussion taking place within the European Commission, European Parliament and/or Council of Ministers on GI-related policy issues. This can be in the form of a White Paper, Consultation, Proposed Directive, or draft Framework Programme. Through its members, EUROGI also keeps track of debates at the local, regional and national levels.

EUROGI operates in an open and transparent way. We talk openly, honestly and independently. We show examples, we formulate and promote.
In order to be able to formulate the right message (or more formally known as a Position Statement), we need to understand the issue at hand and get the opinions of the EUROGI members. To this end 3 processes are distinguished:

1. A consultation-to the members, an analysis of responses and the production of a report.
2.Organise an event and produce a report.
3. Participate in an event organised by third parties, and produce a report.

Once the message has been made, the next step is to filter it into a language that politicians and decision makers can understand…and deliver it.

The last step is to monitor and analyse the impact, review and take action if required.

EUROGI has a unique membership structure. EUROGI’s membership covers over 20 countries throughout the European Union and EFTA countries.  Collectively the combined membership involves thousands of geographic-information related companies, societies and institutions in both the private and public sectors.