SOGI, the Swiss Organisation for Geoinformation (SOGI) starts a series of online webinars packed with inspiring talks

There are many important issues where geoinformation plays a major role and where reliable geodata is urgently needed. SOGI  will be starting conversations about these issues and sharing its members’ knowledge through a series of online webinars which will build on the experience and expertise of well selected speakers.  First Webinar SOGI’s first webinar series is entitled “Digital Underground” and the first webinar in this series will deal with the issue ‘Underground Space’. Reliable information on what exists underground is […]

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Focus Group ‘Women in GI’

Dear EUROGI members and sympathizers, Women in GI is a Policy Focus Group in EUROGI, the European Umbrella Organisation for Geographic Information (, which has two main goals: Firstly, to provide an opportunity for women currently in the European geospatial sector to network and make contacts, and to share experiences; Secondly, to develop policy positions which can be used by EUROGI and possibly other organisations if they wish to promote gender equality within their own organisations, the European Union, Europe […]

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GeoHive – Ireland’s Hub for Authoritative Spatial Data

GeoHive is a National Online Platform, enabled by Ordnance Survey Ireland, to provide easy access to publicly available Spatial Data. GeoHive offers unrestricted web based access, to Ordnance Survey Ireland Geospatial Information alongside Authoritative Datasets from multiple sources across Ireland. Enhancing access to Location Based information, GeoHive allows the user to make better, more informed decisions. The General Public, Private Sector and Government Bodies can all benefit from this web portal by gaining a more complete understanding of any location […]

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The GI domain is packed with examples on how spatial data can add and create value. We are, however, not always that good at communicating this – we tend to talk a lot about the “what” and the “how” and not so much about the “why”. Experience shows that outside our GI domain people are not that interested in projections, the noble art of geo coding or other technical sophistry – but they love and can relate to a good […]

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EUROGI Strategic Framework 2020-2024

>>> Access / download document! The EUROGI Executive Committee (January 2019) and subsequently EUROGI’s General Board (April 2019) agreed to initiate a major re-orientation and reframing of EUROGI in order to substantially increase its value for its members and for the overall European geospatial community. It was agreed that this process would be based on goals accepted by the members and would follow a well-structured process developed by a dedicated task team established by the Executive Committee. The strategy development […]

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New EUROGI Vice President

Due to additional university work responsibilities Prof Andreas Wytzisk had to resign as EUROGI Vice President.  On 16 June the EUROGI Executive Committee elected Bruce McCormack, the current President of Irish Organisation for Geographic Information (IRLOGI), as the new Vice President for the remaining office period.  The President and members of the Executive Committee would like to thank Prof Wytzisk for the excellent work which he has put into EUROGI since his appointment as Vice President and in particular the leading […]

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News from Members: EARSC published two new industry positions

Recently, EARCS published two new industry positions: A position paper on the future evolution of Copernicus A statement on the ESA earth observation proposal for Space 19+ The first one details the position of the European Earth Observation (EO) services industry (represented by EARSC) on the evolution of the Copernicus programme, an EU flagship programme designed to provide the public with geospatial information in support of policy-making. The second one is referring to the forthcoming ESA Council at Ministerial level.

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