Geospatial entities as a key for unlocking value adding data fusion models of the next generation

by Domen Mongus, EUROGI Executive Committee member 


While we are all becoming aware of recent rapid growth of data sources and streams, the hype of Big Data is close to an end. In other words, we are slowly moving away from hopes and dreams as we are entering into a phase of stable technology development, with already emerging established solutions. Nevertheless, by focusing on high-performance cloud computing infrastructures, it seems like we have primarily addressed the volume and velocity aspects of Big Data in the past, while dealing with data variety remains a fairly intact challenge.

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Brainware for Geospatial Success

by Josef Strobl, EUROGI Executive Committee member

Adequate software, performant hardware and extensive collections of geospatial data always have been considered keys to success with ambitious geospatial initiatives. This still is the case, although all these components by now have migrated towards an integrated cloud environment, “shielding” users from many of the required skills needed to manage the infrastructure required for data management, analysis and visualisation.

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Helsinki Declaration adopted

by Yves Schellekens, EUROGI Executive Committee member

EC coordinates efforts to offer commercial drone services by 2019 in European space. The European Commission, national authorities and the industry adopted the “Helsinki Declaration” aiming to deliver advanced drone operations safely and securely in Europe. This Declaration was adopted at “The high-level conference on drones” organised jointly by the Commission and the Finnish authorities last month.

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GIS utility infrastructures supporting digital society

by Pascal Lory, EUROGI Vice-president

EUROGI, European Umbrella organisation for Geographic Information, organize a one day conference in cooperation with AFIGEO, named “GIS utility infrastructures supporting digital society”, during its Members Meeting the 7th of December 2017.
As a matter of fact, “GIS utility infrastructure” is an issue EUROGI seized as soon as 2014 when it took part of UPSIDEDOWN European project. Today, in order to ease the understanding of this field and feed members’ thoughts, EUROGI decided to focus its Members Meeting on that topic. In this article, I will focus on the France’s case.

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New data sources

by Henning Sten Hansen, EUROGI President

Earth observation is growing at a rapid speed these years – not at least due to the Copernicus programme. Particularly, the Sentinel 2 series of satellites have been very popular for land cover monitoring, and the data from these satellites are used in a growing number of applications – e.g. agriculture, forestry and the environment. The Sentinel family of satellites was last week extended by a new satellite Sentinel 5P aimed at monitoring air quality, which has come under increasing pressure due to energy production from fossil based fuel, and not at least the still increasing car and aircraft traffic. Date includes global the levels for Ozone, Sulfur dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Methane and aerosols in the Earth’s atmosphere. Like other data from the Copernicus data the Sentinel-5P data will be fully free and open to everyone.

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