Henning Sten Hansen

Henning Sten Hansen was born in Denmark April 1954.

Henning has a Master of Science degree in geography for University of Copenhagen, and a senior doctoral degree in Environmental Geography from Aalborg University, and currently he works as professor in Geoinformatics at Aalborg University.

After completing has master degree in geography in 1983, unemployment rates among geographers were rather high, and he turned has attention to information technology and worked for several years as systems developer and analyst in different IT departments in the private sector.  During this period he became involved in Automated Mapping and Facilities Management (AMFM) in the utility sector (natural gas). Later on he came to KMD – a very large Danish IT company – and worked as GIS System Analyst with rather free duties and time for doing research on geoinformation. In 1995 he changed his carrier into the public sector by being employed as researcher and later senior researcher at the Danish National Environmental Research Institute under the Ministry of the Environment. The main task during his 13 years stay at this institute was research based on GIS-based environmental modelling. In 2008 he was appointed as Denmark’s first professor in Geoinformatics at Aalborg University in Copenhagen. Henning has during the previous 20 years been involved in several mainly EU-funded international projects, and published more than 100 scientific publications. His main research focus is environmental modelling and spatial data infrastructure, but recently Big Data and Smart City (Society) has been added to his research agenda.

However, he has never dropped the private initiative, and in 1995 he founded a private consulting company, which main product is the DemoGrafix software – an advanced tool for making high-resolution population forecast – and now used by more than half of the Danish municipalities.

Henning Sten Hansen has a large network in the European GI sector. Like the former president, Bruce McCormach, Henning also participated in the INSPIRE Expert Group from 2001 to 2006, but representing the environment side. He has been member of GI Norden from 2001 to 2013 and its president from 2005 – 2007. He is member of the editorial board for the International Journal of Climate change Strategies and Management, and reviewer for several scientific journals and conference series.

Henning has arranged several conferences and workshops during the last 15 year. The Scandinavian Research Conference on GI Science (Aalborg 1999), Urban Data Management Symposium (Aalborg, 2006), AGILE (Aalborg 2007), and finally the INSPIRE Conference in Aalborg 2014.

For some years ESRI has honoured individuals who had made a difference in the world by applying GIS solutions to societal challenges with the title GIS Hero, and in 2009 the honour was given to Henning Sten Hansen.

Henning has been member of the EUROGI ExCom since 2008. In 2008 – 2011 Henning represented GI Norden in the EUROGI Executive Committee, and from 2012 – 2015 he represented Geoforum Denmark in the EUROGI Excutive Committee. From summer 2014 he was the EUROGI Treasurer and from January 2015 also as vice-president.