Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is made up of 9 seats. They are charged with day-to-day management of the foundation (art. 8-4 Statutes).

Josef Strobl, AGEO, Austria

Current term: 2016-2019

Josef Strobl holds degrees in Geography from the University of Vienna and currently is Head of the Interfaculty Department of Geoinformatics – Z_GIS at the University of Salzburg. Via the worldwide UNIGIS distance learning network, through successful residential MSc and PhD programmes in Geoinformatics and by initiating international curriculum development and mobility programs Prof Strobl has helped the growth of the GIS industry and fostered the careers of a generation of geospatial experts.

Josef Strobl has established the Research Studio ‘iSpace’ within the Research Studios Austria Gmbh, and as a full member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) he led its GIScience Institute and now chairs the ÖAW Commission for Geographic Information Science. Prof Strobl is a former president of the Austrian Umbrella Organisation AGEO, serves on the boards of international geospatial organisations as well as conferences and scientific journals. As the founder of the annual AGIT / GI_Forum Geoinformatics symposia he always looks forward to meet friends and colleagues at these and other events!

Prof Strobl can be contacted on www.linkedin.com/in/josefstrobl and tweets as @GIStrobl

Yves Schellekens, AGORIA, Belgium

Current term: 2016-2019

At Agoria, currently Business Group Leader ICT, responsible for Geo Business, Mobile Business and Open Data. Agoria is Belgium’s largest employers’ organisation and trade association. The companies represented by Agoria , more then 1700 and employing approximately  275000 employees are active in 13 branches of the technology industry: ICT,aerospace, automotive, construction products, contracting & maintenance, electrical engineering, industrial automation,  mechatronical engineering, metals & materials, metal processing, mounting & cranes, plastics, security & defence. Agoria provides services for its members on local and  international business development as well as  lobbying  and specialised services out of it’s centers of expertise.
In March 2016, the first BeGeo Congress was organized together with the National Geographic Institute and with 1300 attendees a major success.
At CSC, from 2009 till 2014, Yves was Partner responsible for the business development of Cloud Computing and Outsourcing, reporting for the former  into the Global Cloud Computing Business Unit. At Fujitsu Services, as CEO for Belux, from 2007 till 2009, restructured the entity, made it profitable, boosted growth and positioned it as a formidable number 4 of the top 20 ICT players (Equaterra 2009 Survey results). At EDS, from 1987 till 2006, held various senior management positions of growing importance  in Client Care and Sales, including the position of  Senior Account Manager, Regional Belux Financial Services Manager, Managing Director of Belux  ,managing a 1450 people business and  Client Executive at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Prior to joining EDS, 3 years of wholesale banking experience at Citibank, Manufacturer Hanover Bank and Continental Bank, as FX/MM Dealer and Corporate Desk Manager.

Monica Sebillo, AMFM GIS ITALIA, Italy

Current term: 2018-2021 (autumn)

Monica Sebillo is an Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science, University of Salerno. She graduated (summa cum laude) in Computer Science and received her PhD degree in Applied Math and Computer Science from University of Salerno in 1998. Her research interests include geographic databases and information systems, Human-GIS interaction and geographic information engineering. On those topics she has published several scientific papers in international journals, contributed volumes, and conference proceedings. She collaborates with national and international research groups and companies, and has been involved in the scientific organization of many international events in the area of geographic information systems. She is the director of the Sistemi Informativi Geografici Laboratory. Since 2011 she’s been a member of AMFM GIS Italia executive committee and is currently president. She is also an ACM senior member and a member of the ICT Panel of Experts for the Italian Ministry of University and Research. Last year she worked as member of the UNI / CT 526 “UNINFO APNR-ICT” Commission and UNI / CT 526 / GL 04 working group (with AMFM / GIS Italia and Stati Generali dell’Innovazione) for the establishment of the “Professional Profile on Geographic Information”. The norm is published as UNI 11621-5:2018.

Domen Mongus, CEKTRA, Slovenia

Current term: 2016-2019

Dr. Domen Mongus is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at University of Maribor. He was a young researcher granted by the Slovenian research agency from 2008 to 2012. He received UM-FERI awards for research excellence in 2012 and pedagogic excellence in 2013. He is an author of more than 20 scientific papers and USA patent application. His research interests include geographic information system, pattern recognition in geographic information, and mathematical morphology. Currently, he participates in several national and EU founded projects and is in strong collaboration with the industry.

Andreas Wytzisk, DDGI, Germany

EUROGI Vice-President

Current term: 2016-2019

Andreas is Professor for Geoinformatics and Computer Science at the Bochum University for Applied Science (http://hs-bochum.de) and Managing Director of the 52°North Initiative for Geospatial Open Source Software (http://52north.org).
For the last decade he has specialized on technical and organizational aspects of spatial data infrastructures and has delivered a number of European key projects with this focus, whilst working with senior management to create vision and thought leadership.
Andreas started his career in 1996 as project manager for agricultural and environmental IT projects at pro_Plant GmbH. In 1999 he joined the Institute for Geoinformatics (Münster, Germany) as a research associate, finished his PhD thesis in 2003 and became an assistant professor for SDI at ITC (Enschede, The Netherlands) in 2004. In September 2006 he joined con terra GmbH (http://conterra.de) as senior consultant for spatial data infrastructures and managing director for 52°North. Since April 2013 Andreas holds a professorship at Bochum University of Applied Science.

João Pedro Fernandes, Hexagon Geospatial

Current term: 2017-2019

João currently works for Hexagon Geospatial Division as the EMEA Presales Manager, from Lisbon, Portugal. He has been in the geospatial industry for over 20 years, with special focus on Government and Transportation industries. He joined Intergraph (now part of Hexagon AB), in 1999 and has played various roles, including web applications development, project management and since 2006, the management of presales, marketing, professional services and customer support activities in his home country, Portugal. Before joining Intergraph, he was part of the implementation team of the Portuguese National SDI, at National Center for Geographic Information, from 1996 to 1998.
His current professional interests include a wide variety of topics, including SDIs, Smart Cities, Strategy, International Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.
Joao Pedro holds a degree in Environmental Engineering from the New University of Lisbon (1994), a post-graduate degree in GIS from the Technical University of Lisbon (1997) and an MBA, from the Lisbon School of Economics and Management (2015). He also holds a PMP® certification from the Project Management Institute.
After 20 yrs as a semi-professional Handball player, he currently enjoys spending his free time searching for perfect waves along the sunny Portuguese coastline or elsewhere around the globe.

 György Szabó, HUNAGI, Hungary

Current term: 2016-2019

George was graduated in 1983 as a Civil Engineer at the Budapest University of Technology and Economy (BME). He is currently an associate professor in geomatics engineering at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of BME, where he has been teaching for more than 30 years. He teaches subjects in photogrammetry, remote sensing and geospatial information science. His research interests cover a wide spectrum of geospatial and engineering fields. Beyond his academic work he has more than 30 years’ experience in applied research and development of national and international projects.  He is president of GIS commission of the  Hungarian Society of Surveying and Mapping, general secretary of the Hungarian Association for  Geoinformation (HUNAGI), active member of the Hungarian National Standardization Agency GIS Committee, the Hungarian Space Council, the John von Neumann Computer Society, and  the GSDI Association Council . As a private consultant he has supported the early GIS developments in Hungary in the energy and info-communication sectors, and in the fields of water, traffic, urban and environmental management. Since 2015 George has been representing HUNAGI in EUROGI.

Maurice Barbieri, SOGI, Switzerland

EUROGI Treasurer (2016 – 2018)

Current term: 2016-2019

Maurice Barbieri was graduated in 1986 as Dipl. Kulturingenieur at the Polytechnic School of Zurich (ETH). After passing the Surveyor’s Federal State exam in 1988, he became Publicly Appointed Surveyor. He owns the companies Géodétec (Surveying office) and SIT-Conseil (GIS office). His companies are active in Switzerland and abroad.
Since 1998 he is member of the Ex-Board of IGS (Ingenieur-Geometer Schweiz, Surveyors Association of Switzerland) and President since 2009. In 2010, he was elected Chair of CLGE / IG PARLS (Interest Group of Publicly Appointed Surveyors of the European Council of Surveyors).
Since 2011, he is vice-President of SOGI Switzerland (Swiss GI Association) and in charge of the International coordination. Since then, he has been representing SOGI Switzerland in EUROGI.
He is married and has four children, and in his free time he enjoys cooking, wine and cigars and practices skiing and basketball.